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Home Remedies to clean your car permanent scratches

Car scratches are not the big issues of a car but people think that they are not removable or think negative and want to sell the car, they think now it not looking good or I need an attractive car, they cannot think of remove scratches they think negative but everything is possible, or it is possible at home, your daily use think can remove the scratches, or you want the quality car they never damage by scratches now there are many cars available at Fontana car dealership, these are stain free or there quality pain is very good if you want to purchase that type of car so must visit here. I told you all these things you can use and remove permanent scratches.

Shoe polish

Apply shoe polish on affected area polish is used for more the noticeable affected area so remove permanently, they used to show all the scratches, sometimes we cannot see the scratches proper and some scratches are hidden so shoe polish help to find all the scratches.

Wet Sand surface

Wet the sand, and used wet sandpaper on effect with the help of shoe polish and you apply on rough area with care and awareness, and scratches must be faded away.

Use Toothpaste

Use the toothpaste on the affected area. You pick a smooth cloth and put toothpaste on a cloth and rub on the affected area with the circular motion you rub till it is scratched vanishes. You rub not too long because they damage the clear area also.

Use Wax

In the final step, wash the car and prepare car surface for applying to wax, and wax your car and the permanent scratches should be invisible.

Unique Technology

Now a day the technology is very unique and developed the carmaker, they make a car which has no scratches chance ever they insert protect sheet inside the body to maintain their color without scratches if you want to purchase that type of car so you can purchase a car from Madera car dealership.

Glass coding

Now you can protect your car with the use of glass coding they are not too much expensive but they protect your car from scratches and your car look attractive till the glass coding sheet is inserted, if you want your purchase already inserted glass coding sheet so purchase car from Fontana used car dealership.

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Published by Madera auto plaza

I am working as a marketing manager with Madera auto Plaza from last 5 years and they have big inventory for used cars & used Suv for sale in Madera California.

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