5 Essential Points to Evaluate When Purchasing Used Cars


When purchasing or evaluating a used or “pre-owned ” vehicle be it car, SUV, van, truck or even a semi-tractor ring a “walk-around” or initial inspection of the vehicle is the first point of order. Many new or inexperienced vehicle or perspective auto purchasers or even leasers may be intimidated by the process of a walk around initial inspection – they need not be. It’s a fairly simple and standard practice. If not take a more experienced individual. At the least take another person along for the same walk around initial inspection process. After all, two heads are better than one. What one evaluator may miss the other may catch and after all there is safety in numbers.

Walk around inspection

The purpose of the walk around inspection of course is to both get a quick as well as accurate idea of the overall condition of the automobile product that is being considered for purchase. When you have completed this preliminary inspection you should be able to better determine or even decide whether it’s worth spending more time, and some money for diagnostic tests and work troughs on the vehicle or whether it’s better to “forget this one” and move onto the next perspective vehicle that is on sale. You may even save yourself a great amount of heartache and costs from the get go by a simple yet thorough inspection through a trained walk around. You do not need to be a professionally trained mechanic to do this.

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Unacceptable expense

Obviously fatal flaws that should eliminate a vehicle for sale from the running include: excessive collision damage or damages, rust or structural damage to the body or frame, an engine or drive train that is “worn out” or on the way out. Other factors or conditions to look for are – an interior that is in poor condition – that is beyond hope with a thorough cleaning and lastly any defects that would be unacceptably expensive to fix or repair.

During the walk-around inspection you should, as a standard matter of course, be looking for these as well as other flaws or inherently apparent defects that should have you take a walk away from this vehicle and on the road for examine the next vehicle on your evaluation lists. Then again, all depending on the seller’s attitude, approach and willingness to deal or negotiate fairly these concerns or even risks may not necessarily axe the deal for you. It all depends on the deal and market conditions as they say when it comes to the bottom line. At the end of the day it can be said it all boils down to how much the car will cost you to put into the derivable condition that you wish.

You may wish for a perfectly done up car but may find that all in all that with a low sale price and repairs that at a worst case scenario still will make for a vehicle that meets your standards as well as pricing and cost structures.

Safety standard

Of course if you discover problems that look somewhat less than terminal for the vehicle, but still must be fixed – either for cosmetics, road worthiness and reliability or to meet certain state or provincial safety standards, then note these down in detail. Don’t jump at the bit. Consult either by cell phone on the spot or by personal visit to a trained, certified and competent mechanic for an accurate and perhaps even worst case cost as well as time estimate. It may not be a good bargain to you – even if the costs are reasonable but parts are exceptionally hard to come by. If you need a replacement vehicle promptly, then as part of the mix, the time span of acquiring the parts and completing repairs fully may have to be worked into the mix.

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I am working as a marketing manager with Madera auto Plaza from last 5 years and they have big inventory for used cars & used Suv for sale in Madera California.

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